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Travelogue | The Island of Zakynthos

*Kali̱méra! Kali̱méra!* We are live from the land of the gods and I can surely confirm that life feels better on the island! I haven’t visited Greece’s mainland and I haven’t visited other place in Greece(yet) but with this first encounter feels like the begining of a beautiful friendship. Located in the Ionian sea, between… Read more »

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Trips&Tips | Two days in Venice

Being one crowded-with-tourists-almost-all-year-long location, one might find dificult to see the forest from the trees, as they say, when it comes to matter of food and sightseing. So here is a piece of advice: ###Where to eat? What to eat? Definitely try to avoid the tourist restaurants. It’s not easy, I know, but the disappointment… Read more »

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Gone to Venice

Italy’s got a special place in my heart: it’s the country I visited the most and ‘the-first-on-the-list’contry I think of when planning a weekend away. I love its passion, its people, its landscape, its food and my all-time favourite: coffee – nothing beats them at it (so far, at least in my agenda). That being… Read more »